Police Recruitment Software
Police Recruitment software provides an best recruitment system that is solutions which are designed to reduce administration while lowering recruiting costs.
Police Recruitment Solutions are the catalyst to ensure that you source and hire the best talent & right person into the department quickly and efficiently.
Police Recruitment Solution is an intuitive, easy to use e-recruitment solution utilized in the department now a days.
Our easy-to-use tools help to streamline a department's entire recruitment process from requisition approval.
1)  Reduce Time to Hire 2)  Lower recruitment costs 3)  Reduce administrative duties
GPS Based Patrolling vehicle tracking
System helps to reduce fuel consumption by over speed tracking, measurement of engine idling, route improvement, dispatching & proper periodic maintenance
Successfully used for the tracking of the kerosene tankers & Food Supply vehicles to control the black marketing of the kerosene & ration food.
An application was customized to provide the facilities such as geo-fensing w.r.t. to contractors and respective roots, SMS based facility to stop the vehicle through SMS and many more.
System offers real time web based GPS tracking with more than 50 vehicle and driver based reports. System enables to monitor vehicle arrival and departure times and also offers various planning tools.
Theft in the goods of the vehicles or Stolen vehicles can be located and tracked for recovery with the option of remote immobilization of the vehicle.
System reduces traffic accident rates by measuring working times of the vehicles. Also it shows whether maintenance needed or not.
SP Office Portal
SP Office portal helps to keep track of the each and every records up to date. This portal has given new face and created a new standard in government sectors. Get the details of organization structure and working ways. Helps the common people to find the nearest police station. Inter-city online complaint registration is also possible. After complaint registration get the updates on the action taken for the specific complaint. View the crime history & statistical records and criminal details online and updated.
Cities most wanted criminals details and photos are given on the portal to identify them. Portal has some addition facilities like tourist corner, Special initiative, welfare activities etc. Departmental facilities like Police calendar, recruitment process, different laws details, training program, tender notice, important links and many more.
Video Conference Solution
Our Video Conference Solution is beneficial in the following
1. Video conferencing reduces travel cost
Most businesses and organisations will have to travel to meet business partners, attend board meetings and attend client meetings. Video conferencing delivers face to face communication without having to leave your workspace allowing businesses to reduce travel costs.
2. Video conferencing increases productivity
Face to face communication and being able to share data at the same time increases productivity. Participants are able to see facial expressions of video conference users which makes the conversation highly productive.
3. Video Conferencing saves time
Save time by instantly connecting with video conferencing users. The hours saved by eliminating journey time makes video conferencing a cost effective solution.
4. Share presentations, data and media
As well as communicating over video, many video conferencing solutions allow users to share presentations, data, and other media whilst on a video conference call.
5. Delivers a tangible return on investment
Saving time, eliminating travel costs and increasing productivity enable a business to measure a fast, significant and measurable return on investment.
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